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Non-Surgical Langhorne, PA

Getting Ready for Halloween with a Treatment

One of our favorite things about fall is how it gets us ready for a season of parties. New Years Eve, Christmas, and Thanksgiving all have to wait until Halloween is over. And, trust us, we’re making the most of Halloween this year! Whether you’re hosting a party or simply attending, it’s important to start […]

Microneedling Langhorne, PA

Microneedle Treatments VS. Dermarollers

There’s a certain temptation to try more at-home treatments these days. Maybe they’re a result of so many bloggers and YouTubers making at-home treatments look easy. Companies are starting to offer more at-home treatments, too. Chemical peels and light masks are being sold to people to use at home, but do we really know how […]

Laser treatments Langhorne, PA

Laser Scar Removal FAQs

Why is it that many of the most devious villains in movies have a scar on their face? The idea might be funny, unless you happen to have a prominent facial scar as well. Whether your scars come from acne or accidents, they can attract unwanted attention from strangers and even people you know. If […]

Dermal Fillers Langhorne PA

Dermal Fillers: For Faces and Hands

Some people get all the luck and are born with amazing genetics that keep them looking young with minimal effort. But we’re not all so lucky, so we’ve learned to take care of ourselves and treat ourselves to the best when it comes to enhancing our appearances. Great clothing and perfectly done makeup can truly […]

Breast Reduction Langhorne, PA

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

If you are self-conscious about your large breasts, or experiencing back pain, chafing, or other physical issues, then a breast reduction surgery might help you live life a little more comfortably. Good candidates for breast reduction surgery generally include the following: Good Health Those wishing to undergo a surgery of any kind should be physically […]

Hydrafacial MD Langhorne PA

Be A Stunning Bride With HydraFacial® MD

Exfoliation, cleansing, deep pore extraction and hydration are essential to any regimen that improves skin health. Giving your skin each of these elements could require several different treatments, but not with HydraFacial® MD. In just one quick and relaxing appointment, you can give your skin all of the attention and pampering that it needs to […]

Gynecomastia Langhorne, PA

Are You Tired Of Your Man Boobs?

Men are expected to have masculine, toned bodies that include a muscular chest area. Many experts explain that exercising with weights will give a man the upper body that he should have, yet nature does not always go along with that plan. Some men find that no matter how much they work out, they still […]

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Langhorne PA

Faster Healing With Oxygen Therapy

If you are considering cosmetic treatments this spring, you may be wondering about the time needed for recovery. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been used in the medical community to expedite healing and improve patient outcomes. You undergo oxygen treatment after your plastic surgery procedure, and the experience is very comfortable. What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy? Oxygen […]

plastic surgery Langhorne, PA

Are you a Good Candidate for Plastic Surgery?

If you are considering getting plastic surgery, you likely have a lot of important questions. At Lam Plastic Surgery, we understand that the decision to pursue plastic surgery can be both exciting and overwhelming. Our services range from breast enhancement and liposuction to facelifts and rhinoplasty. Questions to ask before you get plastic surgery To […]

What Juvederm can do for you this New Year

If looking younger is one of your New Year’s resolutions, Juvederm can help. Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies. It is U.S. FDA approved and doesn’t require allergy testing. This safe non-surgical treatment restores volume and fills wrinkles in the face. What Juvederm can do for you […]

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