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Most of us are reluctant to consider having injections or surgery, but when stubborn fat refuses to be shifted by diet or exercise there has been little alternative–until now. An innovative procedure, called CoolSculpting, offers a non-invasive way to reduce fatty tissue.

Fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than the surrounding tissue. The Harvard scientists who developed CoolSculpting used this fact to find a method of freezing the fat cells so they crystallize and die. The body is then able to metabolize them so that they melt away naturally. The process, which is approved by the FDA, uses no suction, no injections, and no surgery. Instead, a gel pack is placed on the area to be treated, and a special machine draws up a fatty area using vacuum pressure. Each area is treated for one hour. In a 4 to 16 week period, the fatty area is reduced by 20-25%. Best of all, the effects are permanent.

Coolsculpting causes no scarring or damage to the skin, so it does not need recovery time. It is so comfortable that you can read or sleep away the hour that it takes. You can have the treatment while on your lunch break and go back to work afterward. Typically, patients feel some mild tenderness to the treated area for a few days.

There are so many procedures that can eradicate fat, including tummy tucks and liposuction, that it is hardly surprising if patients get confused. Dr. Lam recognizes how overwhelming trying to choose between them can be and is always ready to meet you to discuss the various treatments he offers and whether Coolsculpting is right for you. Contact his practice to book a free consultation, or email him for a video about Coolsculpting that will aim to answer all your questions.

The Team Lam Difference

  • Customized, individual care by Dr. Lam and Team Lam.
  • Highly skilled expertise in CoolSculpting® techniques.
    • Matching the best procedure to each patient for optimal results.
    • Affordable, realistic expectations; fully educating each patient.
  • Friendly, confidential, comfortable patient experience.
  • No surgery, no downtime, no medications with CoolSculpting®!

Option For a Free Video Series including CoolSculpting Q&A with Dr. Benjamin Lam

Real Patients, Real Results

“Thank you for answering my numerous questions as well as meeting me several times to share your expertise on breast augmentation. I greatly appreciated your patience, caring, knowledge and explanations. I am healing great. I’m so looking to getting back to my normal exercise routine and dancing! Shopping for new tops is definitely on the list too!”

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