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Breast Reduction

Large breasts can cause chronic back or neck pain, bad posture, and soreness from chafing. Breast reduction, known as mammoplasty, removes excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin to lessen the weight of the breasts and bring them into proportion with the rest of the figure. The procedure can also be used where breasts are asymmetrical to achieve a balanced look, or in conjunction with a breast lift (mastopexy).

There are a variety of techniques; however they all need incisions to allow the removal of tissue, so that the breasts can be reshaped and, if necessary, to reposition the nipple. Inevitably, this causes scars, but these fade quickly and are placed so that they can be hidden.

In specific circumstances, breast reduction can be covered by insurance plans. There is specific criteria that must be met for insurance coverage, dictated by the insurance carrier. Dr. Lam and staff will provide guidance should you be a candidate for insurance covered breast reduction.

The decision to undergo a breast reduction can only be made in conjunction with a plastic surgeon, such as Dr.Benjamin Lam. He will review your medical history and future plans, including if you intend having children or losing weight, evaluating which procedure is right for you. A mammoplasty could relieve your constant aches, enable you to exercise, fit comfortably in clothing, and importantly, make you feel good about yourself. Dr. Lam frequently hears breast reductions patients say, “why didn’t I do this years ago?”

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“Thank you for answering my numerous questions as well as meeting me several times to share your expertise on breast augmentation. I greatly appreciated your patience, caring, knowledge and explanations. I am healing great. I’m so looking to getting back to my normal exercise routine and dancing! Shopping for new tops is definitely on the list too!”

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