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Smooth, Plump, Dangerous?

Make sure that BOTOX® and Injectable Fillers in Philadelphia, PA are safe.

BOTOX® is refined botulinum toxin A, which works by preventing the muscles moving. Injected into the fine lines on the forehead or around the eyes, for example, it stops you overusing the muscles needed for laughing or frowning, so that your skin looks smoother and younger. The fact that it is composed of a poison which causes paralysis sounds warning bells for many people, yet millions of BOTOX® injections have been given perfectly safely since the FDA approved their use in 2002.

Dermal fillers work differently, achieving their results by adding volume to replace lost collagen for a plumper appearance. These are particularly effective for areas such as the cheeks and lips, or for the hands. They are a natural substance, hyaluronic acid, so the risk of side-effects is minimal, but both BOTOX® and injectable fillers can have their drawbacks.

Only go to an experienced cosmetic and reconstructive ( a board certified plastic surgeon ) for BOTOX® and injectable fillers in Philadelphia, PA.

In a small number of cases (less than two per cent) these techniques have produced long-lasting paralysis, droopy eyelids, infections and allergic reactions. There are ways to correct most of these adverse results, but the best thing is to avoid them in the first place by choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Benjamin Lam. He thoroughly checks your suitability for treatment, including your medical history and skin condition. He advises you on dos and don’ts, such as not rubbing the treated area. Perhaps most importantly, he will not treat you unless he is sure of achieving good results.

You would not go to your hairstylist for a facelift, and you should not even think about allowing anyone less than a skilled plastic surgeon near your face with a needle.

To find out whether they are right for you, contact Dr. Lam about BOTOX® and injectable fillers in Philadelphia, PA.

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