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Nose Job FAQs

Rhinoplasty Bucks County PAAre you making a list of your questions about rhinoplasty or nose job surgeries? Find some of our FAQs and their answers below!

How old do you have to be to undergo rhinoplasty?

You should be at least in your mid to late teens before having a nose surgery. Physical maturity of the nasal tissues and emotional maturity of the patient are key for this procedure to be successful.

How should I sleep after rhinoplasty?

After your surgery, sleep on your back with your head elevated on two pillows for at least one week. This will minimize swelling. We may ask some patients to continue sleeping on their backs for a while longer to avoid damaging the nasal tissues as they are healing. You will be given personalized instructions about this and other factors regarding your aftercare.

How will rhinoplasty change my face?

A rhinoplasty adjusts and changes the nose, helping bring it into balance with the structure of your face. Before your surgery, you may have only noticed your nose whenever you looked in the mirror, but after your surgery you will notice your other features and your face as a whole. Rhinoplasty is designed to  improve the overall harmony of the face so that the nose appears more balanced with your other features, and thus more attractive.

Will rhinoplasty affect my singing voice?

While it is extremely unlikely that rhinoplasty will affect your singing voice, there is a small chance of a minor adjustment or change. If the structure of your nose is changed (which is common in surgeries that include straightening a deviated septum), you may lose some of the nasal quality of your voice.

Some singers consider this change a good thing, especially if it means they will now have a more open airway. Essentially, the nasal cavities resonate with the sound of your voice when you sing. Changes to the structure of your nose can cause minor changes to the quality of the sound of your voice. Overall, there should not be a concern that a rhinoplasty will negatively affect your singing voice.

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