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B-Cidal™ Acne Treatment as a Solution for Cystic Acne

Acne Treatment Bucks County PACystic Acne 

Cystic acne can be severe, embarrassing, and difficult to cover up with cosmetics, which tend to make things worse. When patients have been diagnosed with cystic acne, they may be unsure of how to best treat their skin. Cystic acne can be addressed with the assistance of Dr. Benjamin Lam of Langhorne, PA with a treatment known as B-Cidal.

What is  B-Cidal™?

B-Cidal™ is a specialized treatment for cystic acne. This treatment can be applied as a topical cream that dramatically improves cystic acne’s presence on the skin. As a result, the benefits are remarkable, and lives have been changed with this advanced topical solution available through Dr. Benjamin Lam.

This protocol involves four weekly HydraFacial treatments combined with a topical cream that is applied on a daily basis at home. This medication targets the P.Acnes bacteria that is most commonly known for contributing to the development of cystic acne. Many oral acne medications can have systemic side effects.

Is  B-Cidal™ appropriate for my skincare needs?

Determining the best acne treatment starts with a proper diagnosis and a consultation to discuss the services available for treatment.  B-Cidal™ is not the only treatment that can help with cystic acne, though it has been a reliable option for those who choose to move forward with their treatment plan.

What alternatives are available?

By the time patients reach the practice of Dr. Benjamin Lam, they have often already tried alternative treatment solutions. This may include a combination of oral medications, topical creams, and light therapies that failed to provide the result patients desire. Cystic acne can be extremely severe and painful, so finding the right treatment as soon as possible is the best approach to healthier, more beautiful skin free from acne.


  1. We provide individualized care by Dr. Benjamin Lam and Team Lam 
  2. Dr. Lam is highly skilled with expertise in breast augmentation techniques
  3. Dr. Lam matches the best procedure for each patient to achieve optimal results
  4. We provide affordable realistic expectations
  5. You can expect a friendly, comfortable and confidential patient experience with Lam Plastic Surgery

Dr. Benjamin Lam proudly provides services for patients in Pennsylvania from Doylestown, Langhorne, Newtown, New Hope, Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Contact Dr. Lam today at (855) 702-8600 or fill out a Contact Form here.

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