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Imagine a better you….having your face reflect the confidence you have glowing from the inside.

Your face is the predominant feature that reveals your age and expression. Facial refinement surgery by Dr. Benjamin Lam can help you regain the outward appearance you desire. As we age, fighting gravity, sun damage, and genetics, our skin looses tightness and tone. The lack of skin tone is frequently first seen in our upper eyelids as that tired look. Under eye bags may appear, along with looseness, along the under eyelid area. Our once firm high cheeks turn into sagging jowls at our jawlines. Our necks also loose skin tightness and the shape of the jawline disappears. Our noses can also carry genetic traits or be disproportionate to our faces. There is a solution! Dr. Benjamin Lam will evaluate which surgical procedure best addresses your concerns. An upper and lower blepharoplasty will eliminate the loose skin and reopen the eyelids. Either procedure can be done individually as well. A face lift, neck lift, or face and neck lift will smooth the jowls away and recreate jawline definition. Rhinoplasty will correct and refine the shape and flow of the nose. Consult with Dr. Lam today to obtain a facial refreshment plan tailored specifically for you.

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Dr. Benjamin Lam was recently referenced in Health & Medicine April/May 2016 with respect to his involvement with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for patients with autism.